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Seoul Medical Center nurses of Seoul Metropolitan Government are aiming at playing a leading nursing role for the public medical service as a supreme objectives based on the management philosophy of medical hub center of Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Through the various efforts including nursing research, enhancing activities of nursing quality, the highest practical nursing education, fostering professional nurses and customer satisfaction as well as a dutiful sense of health-keeping for Seoul citizens, our center will become a model hospital among the hospitals under the umbrella of Seoul Metropolitan Government. Additionally, through the voluntary service activities for the Seoul citizens, our nurses will realize customer-oriented service with getting a little more closer to the citizens for the benefit of them.

Pharmaceutical Team

Seoul Medical Center pharmaceutical team of Seoul Metropolitan Government are doing their respective best voluntarily to make the center the best hospital with an objective of contributing to the realization of patient-oriented safe, efficient and economical medicinal service through specialized pharmaceutical care with a deep, realistic sense of mission for innovation and voluntary service as a pharmacist so that the patients could be taken care of as their own family members, under the rapidly changing medical environment.

- Drug prescription for outpatients(Phone: 82-2-2276-7000)

Home Nursing

The purpose of this home nursing system is to provide required medical service by directly visiting the home of the patient based on the doctor's prescription under the consultation with the nurses or doctors in charge specialized in home nursing service when sustained treatment and nursing are required in order to help the discharged patient's recovery and health control for the patient of chronic disease.

Home nursing recipient

Rehabilitation patients suffering from cerebrovascular disease or cerebral damage/patients suffering from diabetics, hypertension and chronic disease/cancer patient, bedsore patient/terminal patient who desires hospice care at home/early discharged patient after operation/other patient that the doctor in charge requests to take care of

Request method

Inpatient shall consult the nurse or doctor in charge 3-4days before discharging. Discharged patients are requested to consult the doctor in charge in the capacity of outpatients.

Regions to be covered by visit

The whole Seoul area- residential areas that can be reached within 2 hours by round trip


- Home nursing room (Main building 2th Flr.)
- Phone : 82-2-2276-7000

Ancillary Reserch Institute

Ancillary research institute of Seoul Medical Center, being established with a view to carry out medical research for the promotion of health medical service of Seoul Metropolitan Government along with the enhancement of living quality for healthy life of Seoul citizens under the rapidly changing medical, social and economic environment, is a research institute of Seoul Metropolitan Government.

This institute is operated under classification of each divisions including clinical medical research room for performing research on treatment and prevention of main diseases of Seoul citizens, special research room for performing research of establishing protection system against environmental toxicity exposure and intoxication control system, policy research room for performing health policy research including protection of health rights for Seoul citizens and social safety net role of fundamental health medical service and administration room for performing research support and general administrative affairs. Through systematic and organized research activities, this institute is pursuing the best research institute for the public medical service of Seoul Metropolitan Government as a leading central institute representing all the domestic health.

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