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To provide the best medical service, we are committed to research and education. Our medical specialists have exerted every effort to keep themselves updated in medical information and techniques, which provides the finest medical care and improves the quality of life for all our patients.

Affiliated Research Institute

Affiliated Research Institute, founded in June 2005 and established as the first research center among public medical institutions, contributes greatly to the improvement of public health of Seoul citizens applying the outstanding research results from our three special laboratories; Clinical Research Lab, Policy Planning Lab, and Specialized Research Lab.2009-08-31

Clinical Research Lab

Through the co-work with clinicians, this lab conducts innovative molecular biologic experiments and applies them to clinical area. By doing so, it positions itself as the center of research both for public health and for academic achievements. Its exchange of information and technology with other research institutes is very active and facilitative.

Policy Planning Lab

Through design on public health service policies, and through research on growth of branch hospitals, this lab enhances its role as the public health pioneer.

Specialized Research Lab

Through the study of environmental factors that may have a harmful effect on public health, it formulates a system to deal with environmental poisoning and disease, acute and chronic poisoning.


We dedicate ourselves to train and cultivate men of talent equipped with knowledge and humanity in an advanced educational system.

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