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Reservation by Personal Visit

In order to minimize inconvenience of long waiting, reservation system is implemented.
After informed of a next treatment schedule from the nurse in charge right after seeing a doctor, pay for the treatment fee at the reception desk and leave. On the designated scheduled treatment time/date, you may receive required treatment at the relevant department right away without waiting. In case of schedule change due to an unavoidable personal reasons, please notify it to the relevant department by phone one day in advance.

Phone Reservation

  • Reservation method : You may contact our staff in charge of reservation by
    phone no.: 82-2-2276-7000.
  • Consultation time : Ordinary weekdays: 08:30-17:30/Saturday 08:30-12:30
  • Treatment method : After registration at the general affairs section by 10 minutes before reservation time on the scheduled treatment day based on phone reservation, you may receive reserved medical treatment.

Fax Reservation

  • Personal details(Name, ID no., address, phone no.), desired department, intention of selective treatment together with request letter for treatment shall be submitted to the general affairs section. Reservation confirmation will be informed directly by the staff in charge.
  • Fax No. : 82-2-2276-7093

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