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  • Income deduction certificate for year-end account settlement is issued at the reception of general affairs section(02-2276-7000) on the date upon request.
  • In case of inpatient, various medical diagnostic certificate and other certificates will be issued when application is received at the nurse room of the ward 1-2 days in advance.
  • Health diagnostic certificate, physical check-up certificate for employment : These certificates are handled by health control department, 2nd Flr.
  • Various diagnostic (certificates including general, injury, for soldiers, disorder, death, etc.) will be advised at the relevant departments after outpatient reception.
  • Age appraisal: This service is handled by dentistry and orthopedics.

Required document

For issuance of physical check-up for employment, health certificate(English incl.), diagnostic certificate for soldiers, heavy artillery, firearms, gender, age appraisal certificate, ID photo(3x4cm) 2EA and ID(ID registration certificate, driving license) shall be hand-carried.

Issuance Fee

Diagnostic certificate issuance fee is not subject to health insurance coverage.


Any person who failed to hand-carry ID photo, he may use 3-minute auto colour shot vendor in front of the general affairs section.


For any other inquiries, please contact counter No. 7 of the general affairs section.(02-2276-7000)

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