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Selective Treatment

Selective treatment system is under implementation in accordance with the regulation for selective treatment and Clause 37 of the Medical Law(Public order NO. 174 of Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs) and this selective treatment is implemented by the doctors who passed 10 years after the medical specialist qualification is obtained and any patient who desires to receive this selective treatment directly handled by the qualified doctor, he(she) may have to pay additional fees as stipulated by the relevant law.

Any such person may receive selective treatment after presenting selective treatment application to the reception by taking treatment information as a reference and designating a selective treatment doctor under the assistance of the center staff.

Emergency Treatment

Our center is under stand-by condition round the clock with complete preparation of high tech emergency medical equipments and manpower in order to get ready for the treatment of an emergency patient including a patient with an acute disease or emergency case of disaster. Our emergency service is open to public 24 hours. When visiting emergency center, be sure to carry health insurance certificate and present the payment receipt of medical treatment to a nurse in charge. If any doctor's diagnostic statement issued by other medical institutions including health center, clinic, hospital, etc. is available, please submit it to the doctor in charge.

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