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Our vision is to become a public medical institution that meets the social and cultural needs of the 21st century urban lifestyle in Seoul.  As the leader of the public health and welfare sector, we strive to take the public bio-medicine and health care to the next level, the area in which the private sector is struggling, thereby providing more advanced medical services and contributing to the better life of the citizens.


  • The best public hospital where striving for the healthier community.

Core Value

  • Customer Centered, Cooperation and Communication, Education and Research, Creative Management


  • Best Healthcare service provider.

    Our customers put their trust in Seoul Medical Center and our renowned medical staff.

  • Creative

    Our aim is to focus on creative research and foster talents who are dedicated to build a better future.

  • Fulfillment and Commitment

    We are proud and committed to our workplace.

  • Share and Volunteer

    We would not stop to share and volunteer to lead for the better public health care system.

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