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  • 1999.12.22Observation tour of hospital under the umbrella of Indonesian Ministry of Health
  • 1999.09.01Awarded encouragement prize at the management strategy evaluation contest for the
    regional public institutions in 2000
  • 1999.07.12Operation of expanded bed
  • 1999.03.09Establishment, operation of cyber general hospital
  • 1998.11.12Implementation of visiting service system
  • 1998.11.01Implementation of medical voluntary service
  • 1998.10.04Operation of organ transplant team
  • 1998.10.01up package/Opened treatment reply center
  • 1998.08.04Publicity of supplying protective gears for the disabled- Operation of general medical check
  • 1998.07.13Recontract for entrusted operation of Municipal Joong-gye Welfare Center for the Elderly
  • 1998.06.01Publication of medical news
  • 1998 .02.01Introduction of EDI system
  • 1997.12.16Modernization of general medical check-up center facility
  • 1997.12.03Establishment of internet homepage
  • 1997.12.01Preparation of funeral expenses system
  • 1997.09.01Sharing of medical information by operating medical treatment reply letter
  • 1997.07.16Signed medical service support agreement with Ahn-sung Medical Center, a regional public institution
  • 1997.04.21Operation of general clinic
  • 1997.04.07Opened sterility clinic and operation
  • 1997.02.19Success of test tube baby surgical operation
  • 1996.12.12Success of kidney transplant operation
  • 1996.12.02Night outpatient treatment of pediatrics
  • 1996.08.19Operation of patient attendant pool
  • 1996.08.01Opened special ward for the elderly and psychorosis(32-bed for the elderly, 30-bed for psychorosis )
  • 1996.07.01Direct management of mortuary
  • 1995.10.25Introduction of MRI equipment
  • 1995.09.23Opened municipal Joong-gye welfare center for the elderly
  • 1995.08.17Operation of 11 numbers of special clinic
  • 1995.07.01Opened special pain clinic
  • 1994 .10.01Dr. Kim, Geun-Woo was inaugurated as 5th hospital director
  • 1994 .09.01Free service of medicine in the vocal art information
  • 1994.07.01Installation of computerized integrated medical information system
  • 1993.09.02Started reservation service for all the departments
  • 1993.03.23Commended by Ministry of Labor for a model medical institution for industrial accident compensation insurance
  • 1993.03.23Introduction/operation of excimer laser
  • 1993.03.03Designated as a hospital for complete handling of traffic accident by Ministry of Health & Social
  • 1992.09.18First laperoscope surgical operation room of municipal hospital
  • 1992.07.27Remodeling of mortuary
  • 1992.03.28Introduction of surgical equipment for astigmatism/myopia correction
  • 1992.03.04Round the clock full operation as a special emergency medical center
  • 1991.07.01Designated as an emergency medical center(Ministry of Health & Social Welfare)
  • 1991.01.01Approved of 26 departments, 460-bed expansion
  • 1990.12.27Expanded to 26 departments(Thoracic & cardiovascular surgery)
  • 1990.11.01Opened artificial kidney room

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