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  • 2010.11.30Hold a building dedication ceremony for the completion of new hospital in Sinnae-dong,
  • 2010.04.09Certificate as Health Promotion Hospital
  • 2010.04.07Won the presidential citation in public medical sector at 38th Healthy Day
  • 2010.01.01Signed an agreement with Jungrang Mental Health Center for consignment management
    and operation
  • 2008.03.03Opened atopy clinic
  • 2007.12.20 Signed agreements with 94 cooperation institutions
  • 2007.09.2830th anniversary and publication of 30-year history
  • 2007.09.01 Best institution for customer satisfaction(SI-CSI)
  • 2007.01.31 Commended as an excellent institution at 2006 regional medical center operation evaluation
  • 2006.06.20Awarded excellence prize for service part of Korean productivity
  • 2006.05.05Opened Municipal Buk-bu Hospital for the Elderly
  • 2006.05.04Renamed as Seoul Medical Center of Seoul Metropolitan Government
  • 2006.02.01Implementation of family nursing business
  • 2005.10.26Signed entrusted operation agreement with Municipal Buk-Bu Hospital for the Elderly
  • 2005.07.26Signed cooperation agreement with municipal hospitals
  • 2005.06.28Inaugurated hospice of Seoul Medical Center
  • 2005.05.30Opened ancillary research center of Seoul Medical Center
  • 2005.04.26Opened family delivery room, mother-and-child ward
  • 2005.03.31Designation as a medical institution for child abuse protection
  • 2005.03.04Opened rehabilitational medicine center
  • 2005.03.03Entrusted operation of Gang-nam Psychology Health Center
  • 2005.02.24Inaugurated voluntary service team
  • 2005.01.27Designated as a free medical service institution for female violence victims
  • 2004.11.15Renamed as Seoul Medical Center
  • 2004.11.11Inaugurated medical treatment voluntary service team
  • 2004.08.16Acquired ISO medical service quality system certification additionally (Diagnosic radiation department, lab. medicine department,
    pathology department)
  • 2004.07.26Opened cancer center
  • 2004.07.01Reorganized to 5 centers, 22 departments
  • 2004.05.14Signed cooperation agreement with Beijing Ro-ha Hospital
  • 2004.02.24Signed cooperation agreement with Samsung Medical Center and Asan Medical Center
  • 2004.01.16Inaugurated Da-Sa-Rang of Seoul Medical Center
  • 2004.01.11Started medical service of Municipal Dong-bu Hospital
  • 2003.12.10Introduction of echocardiography diagnostic machine
  • 2003.11.11Dr. Jin,Soo-Il was inaugurated as the 8th Hospital director
  • 2003.11.11Installation of automatic receipt system(KIOSK)
  • 2003.10.24Signed entrusted collaboration agreement with Municipal Dong-bu Hospital for its operation/management
  • 2003.05.23Post deliberation for ISO 9002 certification
  • 2003.03.03Operation of clean report center
  • 2002.05.15Opened biochemical treatment center
  • 2002.04.23Opened cardiovascular center
  • 2002.04.06Introduction of cardiovascular photographing equipment by using contrast media
  • 2001.10.01Establishment of image conveying system for medical records
  • 2001.10.01Designated as a specialized hospital for treating chemical, biological and radioactive exposure victims
  • 2001.09.12Held academic seminar for public medical institutions of Seoul Metropolitan Government
  • 2001.06.16Established cooperative relation with Chinese Tae-An Joong-sim Hospital
  • 2001.04.03Implementation of selective treatment
  • 2001.03.19Opened hospital church
  • 2001.01.19Acquired certification for ISO 9001 medical quality system
  • 2000.09.30Dr. Kim,Geun-Woo was inaugurated as 8th hospital director
  • 2000.09.01New, expansion work for mortuary (G-1 storey,- Surface 3 storey)
  • 2000.07.06Implementation of supplementary education for 119 emergency officers
  • 2000.04.01Open on-line system for civil complaints
  • 2000.03.02Opened international remote-controlled medical cooperative treatment service center

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