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Over the past 30 years, we believe that we have been playing a role to provide secure medical services for low-income groups and citizens while having practiced public medical services anywhere, anytime citizens need. For this, we have also operated a medical volunteer team for sharing with the community, a mobile dental clinic team for the old, etc. as a district general hospital to cure HiNi Flu.

Our new medical center completed in Seoul, a building of 4 floors in the ground and 13 stories, has 623 sickbeds. In this medical building we will provide patients with a total medical service consisting of 8 special treatment centers and 23 treatment departments along with emergency medical center, including cardiac, cerebrovascular treatment, nonatopic asthma treatment.
We make commitment to offering the optimal treatment environment to citizens by putting safety as our top priority to ensure pleasant, comfortable treatment in our eco-friendly building equipped with cutting-edge medical equipments.

Furthermore, we will perform various public medical policies and studies based on our medical research center, and thus play an important part in a public medical communication system for Seoul by successfully operating our consignment - managing hospitals such as Dongbu Hospital, North Municipal Geriatric Hospital, and mental health care centers in Gangnam-gu and Jungrang-gu.

In addition, as we manage Gangnam branch in the southeastern region in the future, we will provide convenient services under our principle of fairness, accessibility for citizens to use public medical services.

Seoul Medical Center, designed in an environmental-friendly building,  will take a step forward to grow as a differentiated, public digital hospital that provides standardized, valuable medical services at low price with its latest equipments and thereby to function as the optimal therapy space. All employees at Seoul Medical Center make our commitment again to do our best to make sure that all of Seoul citizens will be happy.

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